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March 2005

Half Century Dance Celebration! Fri. Apr 1
It's Ron Buchanan's birthday weekend (he's turning 50), so let's celebrate. Vintage clothing, food (and pictures) encouraged!

Ron Buchanan started dancing as a kid with his family at their barn dances in western Pennsylvania. He began calling in 1972 after taking a workshop at the Country Christmas Dance School at Berea, Kentucky.

Since taking that first workshop, Ron has called, taught swing, and shared many dances he has written from Boston to LA, from Tampa to Fairbanks, and hundreds of festivals and dances in between (also in Canada, Scotland, and Denmark).

A man with a quick wit and a generous spirit, Ron has a relaxed approach to social dancing. Famous for his "Pretzels and Dips" he is known for his energetic swinging contras, original and high-energy patter squares, accessible yet innovative swing dance moves, as well as his own creative dance compositions ( not to mention his efficient walk-through.)

Ron has taught at several family camps and is an advocate for nurturing creativity and participation in the arts as a family activity.

When I first encountered Ron he was calling a barn dance, but I've come to know him as a fine fiddler, banjo player, clog dancer, mechanic, carpenter, instrument builder, businessman, civic leader, father, and a really good friend. Mark     :8^{>~

Fri. April 1
Caller: Ron Buchanan
Band: Band du Jour
Swisshelm Park Community Center, Pittsburgh PA
7:30 pm  Dance lesson
8:00 - 11:00 pm  Dance