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Old Time Egroup Connects to 
Pittsburgh Area

Daschbach Family, Pittsburgh, PA 1887The Old Time Music Friends is an Egroup listed on Yahoo!  An Egroup is a list of emails which is stored online and managed by a person called a moderator. Any member of the group may send an email to the entire group at once, known as a posting, and any other member may reply, creating a forum for discussion, or simply a way to circulate information about pertinent events. Egroups are typically specific only to certain topics.

A preferable alternative to spamming, egroup members may choose to participate at various levels, from only receiving special announcements from group moderators, to receiving messages posted by all other members, or posting group messages themselves. Members may modify their message receiving preferences at the group website, as well as unsubscribe at anytime. You may need to modify your email receiving preferences to keep messages from from being sent to your spam folder.

You can join this Egroup by email. Your membership will be established only for the email address you use when you request to join. This will be the account your postings will be sent to, and it is the account you must always use if you want to post messages or replies yourself. In order to have multiple email addresses listed, send a separate subscription request from each address. 

To subscribe, send an email to:

Once you are a member, you may post a message by emailing your posting to:

This group is set to allow all readers to reply to postings. REPLYING TO THIS MESSAGE WILL AUTOMATICALLY POST TO THE ENTIRE GROUP. To reply directly to an individual, locate the sender's email address in their post, and copy and paste it into the "To: box" of your message. ( If is in the "To: box" your message will go to the entire group! ) Please be considerate of others and donít post messages that aren't intended for everyone to read, it may discourage future participation.

To unsubscribe, send an email to:

To email the group owner:

To visit the Old Time Music Friends website:

The Old Time Music Friends was started by many members based in Pittsburgh, Pa., so frequently local events will be discussed. Out-of-towners are always welcome to our discussions -- and jam sessions. ( WE NEED YOUR TUNES! ) Please keep the postings relevant to old time music. 

Moderated by Mark Tamsula  :8^{>~