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Pittsburgh's East End Appalachian Jam!

Sarah Benson and Heather Cunningham welcome you to an Old Time Jam at Hambone's Pub in Lawrenceville every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month between 5 and 9 PM

Also, 1st Sundays host a slow jam starting at 3pm!


Open to all levels -The jam takes place in the restaurant section on the first floor of Hambone's Pub. Hambone's is located on Butler Street in Lawrenceville, just down the hill from the Children's Hospital. Hambone's has a full bar and menu, and children are welcome in the Jam room on the first floor..

For more information speak with Sarah Benson or Heather Cunningham at the jam, or email Heather at heather@332underground.com


Please join us at:

4207 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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Morgantown is an Old Time party town...

I recently visited the Wednesday night Old Time jam at the West Virginia Brewing Co. restaurant and microbrewery (Brew Pub) in Morgantown. I hadn't been there in a long time, so after talking to a friend who reminded me that it was still going strong after all these years, I decided to stop in. Of course that happened to be the night that friend wasn't there, but I did see a few familiar faces, and of course Keith McManus was leading the bunch. Some of Keith's bandmates, The Legendary Woodticks were also there, providing a solid core group who kept things rolling with tunes and songs they knew well, always a key ingredient to any good open jam session.

I rate this jam with a full five stars for the ambience alone. The space available to the musicians was copious, and convenient (i.e. people didn't have to walk between the musicians to get from the bar to the restrooms) yet, there were plenty of tables around for the listening public, as well as pool tables where folks could do something else cool. Now I'm not a smoker, so  I wouldn't be able to do this every night without bringing some kind of oxygen supply, but hey, that's just me! There was always a pitcher of good brew or water to pour from to wash down the cinders.

Every road is paved with something, good intentions or otherwise. While I had a great time the whole time I was there, I was occasionally puzzled by the assortment of instruments people brought, and the consequent sounds that issued forth. Consider me a purist, I look forward to jamming Old Time music with the following instrumentation in this order of preference: fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica. As an out-of-towner I have no business being judgmental about how the Morgantown folks define their sound, but with a few exceptions, I think of Old Time as a style that is for the most part played on strings. It's the ongoing plight of every old time jam to preserve the traditional sound without becoming oppressively authoritarian. I applaud Keith and the rest of the Mo'town regulars who have walked that fine line and kept the tunes going all these years. I'm sure going back again. :8^{>~